Organisations over the years have searched for ways to improve on their service offerings, hence attracting new customers and retaining old clients. One of the business tools most needful for achieving this is provided by Puchini Consult Limited using the Customer Satisfaction Research and Surveys.
For any Business that places service and hospitality as key components of their value proposition, then Customer Satisfaction Research and Survey (CSRS) is a must.
Customer Satisfaction is the effective reaction of Consumers when their desires and expectations have been either met or exceeded in the course of experiencing the service.
If these expectations are not met, the consumer will be dissatisfied. Consequently, the service provider is made open to attacks from competitors who exploit the gap(s) to provide superior customer experience and attract dissatisfied customers.

Customer Satisfaction has become a distinguishing factor amongst several businesses within particular industries. The challenge however is that many customers do not complain after receiving a poor service. They just move their patronage to other businesses.
CSRS as provided by Puchini Consult is the adaptation of the customer journey through the length of a business using skilled agents and research methodology to uncover and measure gaps in service standards of organisations and the real experience of the consumers of the service