In today’s very competitive business environment, several organizations are increasingly investing to attract the right staff, get relevant technology and ultimately appeal to new customers and businesses.

  • People are open books. Do Management Teams have the right tools to read them?
  • Is your organisation getting commensurate ROI on your marketing expenses?
  • Is your bottom line/business growing as expected?
  • Are staffs implementing strategies and plans successfully?

Puchini Consult can help organizations understand if her employees are implementing the company’s vision, corporate policies and strategies accurately, effectively and successfully.

How well employees promote, sell and market the organizations services while exceeding customers’ expectations in today’s competitive markets will ensure repeat business and growth.

Internal evaluation of staff performance is hardly accurate as there is a gulf of difference between reported behaviour and actual performance. Facts derived from internal evaluation during such assessment programme may not mirror the actual behaviour of staff. Consequently the opportunity for, encouragement, training and correction is lost.

Puchini Consult will deploy structured research programme and behavioral assessments; we will get a detailed/real-live picture of what happens in these companies and an opportunity to train and make changes as the case demands.