Puchini Consult is an integrated Business Performance Enhancement Firm focusing on the human block of every institution and enterprise, as the core critical asset for performance necessary for sustainable growth and success.

The Company was established in 2014 and is managed by professionals with diverse, versatile and proven experience with records spanning over 30 years in the Financial, Oil and Gas Technological, Real Estate and Engineering, Human Capital Development and Research Sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The company’s pedigree is based on the experience of the firm’s professionals – who come from various backgrounds ranging from operational roles in strategy and corporate finance, banking, research and development, engineering, project management, investments and technology, Our detailed industry knowledge and operational expertise is pertinent in achieving our companies overall objectives.

In Puchini Consult we have invested significant time and resources into research with the aim of mapping a clear and profitable strategy not just for us but also for our esteemed clients. The result of this allows us treat every customer with uniqueness, exceeding their expectations in order to meeting their specific needs and to provide compelling benefits.

Our Leadership Team